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Crew Members on Cruise Ships: How Has Covid-19 Changed Ship Life?

How has crew members’ ship life changed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic? How the coronavirus affected crew members on cruise ships.

What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise

What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise | 40 Must-Have Items (2022)

What to pack for a Caribbean cruise – 40 must-have cruise essentials to bring on a Caribbean cruise. Caribbean cruise packing list.

What to Pack for a Cruise in 2022

What to Pack for a Cruise in 2022 | Top 50 Cruise Essentials

What to pack for a cruise in 2022? Read about the top 50 cruise essentials to bring and get an ultimate cruise packing list.

Women's Cruise Wear

Women’s Cruise Wear – Top Cruise Essentials for Ladies

Women’s cruise wear – Top cruise essentials for ladies. Read what to pack for your cruise, women’s cruise fashions and outfits.

I-95 crew corridor Royal Caribbean

Crew Life on Cruise Ships: Ship Life & Crew Areas | Ultimate Guide

Crew life on cruise ships – Read about cruise ship life, crew cabins, main areas, and life of crew members onboard a cruise ship.

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My name is Katarina and I come from Serbia! I have been working in the cruise industry for over eight years and cruising is my huge passion! 

I started as Tour Escort for the French river cruise agency Rivages du Monde, worked as Concierge onboard Viking River Cruises, and currently, I’ve been working as Shore Excursion Staff onboard beautiful Royal Caribbean cruise ships! 

I’ve had the opportunity to explore hundreds of destinations and dozens of ports of call, which has allowed me to become an expert in cruise ports and port exploration!

In my blog, you’ll find useful, insider information on the ports of call worldwide, travel advice, money-saving tips, packing lists, and I also have a section where I write about cruise ship jobs and ship life!

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