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Port Canaveral

15 Best Hotels Near Port Canaveral in Florida

Check out 15 best hotels near Port Canaveral in Florida – hotels located in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach.

Port of Piraeus

15 Best Hotels Near Port of Piraeus (Athens)

Check out the best hotels near port of Piraeus for cruisers, including the 10 best hotels in Athens and 5 best hotels in Piraeus.

15 Best Hotels Near Port of Civitavecchia (Rome)

Check out the 15 best hotels near port of Civitavecchia, including hotels in Civitavecchia town, near Fiumicino Airport and Roma Termini.

Montjuic Hill in Barcelona

15 Best Hotels Near the Port of Barcelona

Check out the 15 best hotels near the port of Barcelona, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly accommodation.

boat cruises

6 Things To Ask About Boat Cruises

6 things to ask about boat cruises & the most important things to know when booking a boat cruise.

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I started as Tour Escort for the French river cruise agency Rivages du Monde, worked as Concierge onboard Viking River Cruises, and currently, I’ve been working as Shore Excursion Staff onboard beautiful Royal Caribbean cruise ships! 

I’ve had the opportunity to explore hundreds of destinations and dozens of ports of call, which has allowed me to become an expert in cruise ports and port exploration!

In my blog, you’ll find useful, insider information on the ports of call worldwide, travel advice, money-saving tips, packing lists, and I also have a section where I write about cruise ship jobs and ship life!

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