Working on a Cruise Ship

Welcome to the crew members’ corner!

My name is Katarina and I’ve been working on cruise ships for several years now! As a crew member, I know how challenging the life and work onboard cruise ships can be. On one side, working on a cruise ship sounds like a dream job, but it has its disadvantages as well.

In my blog, you’ll find useful cruise job information, insider tips & advice, ship life stories, crew members’ testimonials, and much more! You’ll learn how to apply for cruise ship jobs, what to expect onboard, the pros and cons of working on a cruise ship, what to pack for your ship contract… My content is dedicated to both crew members and cruise job applicants, and I hope you’ll find it useful and inspiring!

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Cruise Ship Quarantine

10 Things Crew Members Need in Cruise Ship Quarantine

Read about 10 things crew members need in a cruise ship quarantine (What every cruise ship crew member needs for quarantine).

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Cruise terminal

Crew Members on Cruise Ships: How Has Covid-19 Changed Ship Life?

How has crew members’ ship life changed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic? How the coronavirus affected crew members on cruise ships.

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I-95 crew corridor Royal Caribbean

Crew Life on Cruise Ships: Ship Life & Crew Areas | Ultimate Guide

Crew life on cruise ships – Read about cruise ship life, crew cabins, main areas, and life of crew members onboard a cruise ship.

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Odissey of the Seas Crew Cabins

Inside Cruise Ship Crew Cabins – Full Review (2021)

Inside crew cabins on cruise ships – Crew cabins size, location, what’s inside, life inside cruise ship crew cabins.

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Security jobs on cruise ships

Crew Insight: What You Need to Know about Security Jobs on Cruise Ships

Security jobs on cruise ships: How to apply for cruise ship security, security department job positions, advantages, disadvantages, contract length, all you need to know for cruise ship security jobs.

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Windjammer - Serenade on the Seas

Food and Beverage Department – Working as a Cruise Ship Waiter

Food and Beverage department: How to apply for a cruise ship job, F&B department cruise job positions, Restaurant Department FAQ.

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Guest Services Department onboard a cruise ship

Working as a Guest Services Representative on a Cruise Ship

Working as Guest Services Representative on a cruise ship: How to apply for a job, job positions, salary, benefits, job descriptions.

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Sales Department onboard Carnival Sensation

How to Grow Your Career at Sea – Crew Member’s Story (Part II)

How to grow a career at sea: Information on onboard sales department functions, job positions, contract length, average cruise job salary.

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Ship Photographers on board Navigator of the Seas

Life of a Cruise Ship Photographer – Crew Member’s Story

Cruise ship photographer: How to apply for cruise ship photography jobs, how to build a career at sea, job positions, salary, job description.

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crew members in front of the ship

Crew Members Worldwide: Pandemic Has Made Us Stronger

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected cruise ship crew members worldwide: Crew members’ testimonials, statements, and photos.

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Ultimate Guide to Mediterranean Cruise Ports
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