8 Best Cruise Lines for Families in 2024

Odyssey of the Seas pool deck

8 Best Cruise Lines for Families in 2024

Are you planning a memorable family cruise vacation? That’s wonderful! You’re about to go on an extraordinary adventure that will strengthen family relationships and create memories. However, choosing the best cruise lines for your family can feel like a challenging task.

The good news is that cruise companies have adapted to the need, catering to families’ various preferences! These cruise companies have mastered the art of providing great family experiences, from thrilling water parks and engaging kids’ activities to large family suites and fun itineraries.

In this article, I’ll be your guide, taking you through the top 8 cruise lines for families, each offering its own unique charm and adventures that make them perfect for creating lifelong memories with your loved ones. So, get ready to set sail on this marvelous journey!

8 Best Cruise Lines for Families in 2024

1. Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line is one of the best options for families. It provides a fascinating and immersive experience for both children and adults. The concept of Disney cruises is subtle enough that nostalgic adults wishing to reconnect with childhood fantasies would love sailing just as much as children!

Each cruise features a lot of secluded adults-only pools, restaurants, and lounges. So, you can unwind in secluded adults-only pools, indulge in fine dining, and relax in sophisticated lounges, while kids are enchanted by iconic Disney characters, themed dining, and top-notch entertainment like nightly performances and deck parties! Sounds fun, right?

Aside from that, there are also nightly performances, deck parties, and movie screenings under the stars with Disney’s “Funnel Vision” on the pool deck providing high-quality, family-friendly entertainment.

Disney also offers age-appropriate children’s clubs and programming. These clubs are supervised by Disney counselors and offer a safe and entertaining environment for kids to play and make new friends. Children can meet their favorite Disney characters throughout the cruise. Character breakfasts and special photo opportunities are common, allowing kids to interact with well-known Disney characters. If you’re traveling with your little ones, this is the best cruise for your family!

Disney and Royal cruise ships docked in Cozumel
Disney and Royal cruise ships docked in Cozumel

2. Royal Caribbean International

Despite its name, Royal Caribbean International offers much more than just royal experiences. With operations spanning over 300 destinations across six continents in 71 countries, this cruise line promises family adventures like no other!

What truly sets Royal Caribbean apart as the best cruise line for families is its dedication to non-stop excitement and boundless opportunities for the whole family! Just imagine yourself rock climbing alongside your kids, catching the waves on surf simulators, gracefully gliding on ice skates, soaring through the ship on a thrilling zip line, perfecting your inline skating skills, throwing punches in a friendly boxing match, or engaging in a fun game of billiards.

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Allure ships also provide high-octane shows for families looking for mind-blowing entertainment. Marvel at gravity-defying high-dive performances and thrilling synchronized swimming displays. Enjoy parades with stilt walkers and whimsical costumed characters that will take your family to a magical realm! It’s an excellent choice for families looking for an exciting cruise vacation.

Watch my YouTube video on the amazing Quantum-class Odyssey of the Seas!

3. Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is a great choice for families looking for a pleasant and budget-friendly cruise vacation. Carnival Cruise, also known as “Fun Ships,” attracts families who enjoy the excitement of living in the present. These high-energy ships are designed to provide uninterrupted entertainment, with everything from calming pools and thrilling water slides to late-night comedy performances and a wide range of kid-friendly activities.

One of Carnival’s unique features is its commitment to diversity, especially in onboard dining. Guests can enjoy three-course dinners served in elegant main dining spaces that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Carnival goes beyond this commitment by collaborating with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to offer Seuss-themed activities, charming meet-and-greet sessions with famous individuals, and a whimsical Green Eggs and Ham breakfast that is loved by both children and adults.

There’s never a dull moment here on Carnival Cruise, with thrilling water slides, sports courts, bustling casinos, charming piano bars, side-splitting comedy performances, and vibrant nightclubs. Carnival also provides family-friendly entertainment such as Broadway-style productions, comedy clubs with family-friendly events, and outdoor Dive-In Movies by the pool!

Carnival Cruise Line offers an exciting and value-packed cruise experience for families looking to have a good time without breaking the bank.

Carnival Liberty cruise ship
Carnival Liberty. Source: Pixabay.com

4. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its laid-back atmosphere and innovative “freestyle cruising”. NCL’s “freestyle cruising” approach means no strict dress codes and no set dining schedules. Families love the freedom to customize their vacation in their own way. Dining becomes a delightful experience, with the option to choose when and where to dine. Plus, there’s no need to worry over attire, making it perfect for families seeking a laid-back atmosphere.

Aside from that, NCL knows how to keep the whole family entertained. Their ships are adorned with thrilling water parks, heart-pounding zip lines, playful mini-golf courses, and challenging ropes courses. Children’s dreams come true with character meet-and-greets and themed entertainment thanks to NCL’s partnership with Nickelodeon. NCL goes the extra mile by offering a range of age-specific kids’ activities, catering to toddlers and even teens!

During your trip, you can also catch live performances on NCL, featuring “The Choir of Man” and the Tony Award-winning “Kinky Boots” musicals. While you savor the shows, the kids have a blast at onboard water parks and kids’ clubs, ensuring everyone in the family has a memorable experience.

For families valuing freedom in their holiday planning, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a relaxing yet exciting cruise experience. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of leisure and adventure on their family vacation, with a wide range of onboard activities and dining options to satisfy every member of the family.

Norwegian Epic cruise ship
Norwegian Epic. Source: Pixabay.com

5. Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is a family paradise, offering a delightful blend of comfort, entertainment, and diverse travel options. Aside from its fame from “The Love Boat,” this cruise line continues to shine with captivating onboard activities and an array of itineraries. Families are in for a treat with spacious accommodations, including linked rooms and roomy mini-suites that cater to larger groups, ensuring everyone enjoys a comfortable stay.

Princess Cruises has gone the extra mile to keep children engaged and entertained through its “Camp Discovery” program, thoughtfully designed for ages 3 to 17. Here, kids and teenagers can participate in age-specific activities, games, and entertainment, promising a memorable time onboard while parents unwind.

But what truly sets Princess Cruises apart is its commitment to exceptional service. You can expect personal service and a perfect cruise with an excellent staff-to-guest ratio of one crew member for every two or three guests!

Princess Cruises offers itineraries for all interests, ranging from short getaways to epic journeys lasting up to 111 days! Yes, that’s right, 111 days! Princess Cruises is an excellent choice for families looking for a comfortable, entertaining, and diverse cruise experience. Set sail with them to make long-lasting family memories on the high seas.

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Royal Princess cruise ship
Royal Princess cruise ship. Source: Pixabay.com

6. MSC Cruises

Looking for a family vacation where elegance meets family friendliness and every member of your group has a blast? MSC Cruises is your ticket to the ideal family cruise!

MSC Cruises, headquartered in Switzerland, has mastered the art of creating a cruise experience that caters to people of all ages. It’s not just a vacation; it’s a journey that perfectly blends elegance with excitement!

For the adults in the family, MSC offers adults-only pools where you can bask in relaxation, Balinese spas that promise rejuvenation, and thrilling 4D theaters that will keep you entertained. Just imagine yourself lounging by the pool, indulging in a spa day, or watching a captivating 4D movie while your kids are off on their own adventures.

When it comes to accommodations, MSC Cruises has families of all sizes covered! Whether you desire spacious suites with private balconies or cozy staterooms with all the comforts of home, there’s an option for everyone. Rest assured that your family’s comfort and preferences are a top priority.

But what truly sets MSC Cruises apart is their groundbreaking “MSC for Me” digital platform. This brilliant technology allows families to customize their cruise experience like never before. Make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurants and stay up to date on aboard activities and events—all at your fingertips!

Aside from that, MSC Cruises provides an excellent selection, ranging from quick 2-night getaways to epic 117-night adventures. This variety guarantees that you may choose the ideal cruise for your family’s travel preferences and schedule.

MSC Seaview and MS Riviera cruise ships
MSC Seaview and MS Riviera. Source: Pixabay.com

7. Costa Cruises

When it comes to family vacations, Costa Cruises knows how to turn a trip into an unforgettable adventure. Costa Cruises, based in Italy, offers a touch of Mediterranean-inspired design and a cheerful environment on the high seas, making it the ideal choice for families looking for an extraordinary cruise experience.

One of the standout features of Costa Cruises is the wide variety of itineraries they offer. Whether you’re looking for a quick 3-night getaway or an epic 128-night voyage, there’s a cruise tailored to your family’s preferences!

Accommodations on Costa Cruises are designed with families in mind. You’ll find a range of stateroom choices, including family rooms and spacious suites that can comfortably host larger parties. Some cabins even come with balconies, providing the perfect spot to take in breathtaking ocean views.

But what truly sets Costa Cruises apart for families is the wealth of family-friendly entertainment on board. Live performances, themed parties, and activities for guests of all ages ensure that there’s never a dull moment. Kids and adults alike can make a splash in the swimming pools or enjoy the thrills of the onboard water park, complete with slides and splash zones.

When it’s time to dine, Costa Cruises shines with its diverse culinary offerings. From Italian-inspired specialty restaurants that serve up authentic flavors to casual buffets, even the little ones are in for a treat with dedicated kid-friendly menus. And if you’re a fan of regional Italian cuisine, you’re in for a culinary delight!

Costa Favolosa cruise ship
Costa Favolosa. Source: Pixabay.com

8. Carnival Vista

If you’re on the hunt for a cruise that promises non-stop fun for the entire family, look no further than Carnival Vista! This spectacular cruise ship is not your typical vacation; it’s a floating wonderland designed to delight guests of all ages.

What sets Carnival Vista apart is its uniqueness within the Carnival Cruise Line fleet. It belongs to the Vista class of ships, known for their sophisticated amenities and a wide array of onboard activities and entertainment options.

One of the ship’s standout features is the SkyRide, a thrilling suspended cycling course that offers panoramic ocean views. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure. Carnival Vista boasts the first-ever IMAX cinema at sea, where you can catch the latest blockbusters while cruising the high seas. And for those who love a good story, there’s even a Dr. Seuss-inspired library that will transport you to the whimsical world of childhood tales!

Of course, Carnival Vista doesn’t skimp on family favorites. Kids clubs keep the little ones entertained, while adults can escape to the serene adults-only retreat. And when it’s time to make a splash, the onboard waterpark is the place to be.

But when it comes to cabins, Carnival Vista offers something truly special. While you can opt for the standard cabin types like Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, and Suite, I highly recommend taking it up a notch. The Family Harbor and Havana cabins and suites are exceptional!

For families, the Family Harbor cabins are a dream come true. They grant you access to an exclusive 24-hour lounge stocked with complimentary breakfast and a treasure trove of kid-friendly movies and games. Plus, kids staying in these cabins dine for free at most specialty restaurants and enjoy a night of complimentary childcare. It’s the ultimate family package!


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