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Eidfjord cruise port, Norway

Welcome to Eidfjord cruise port, nestled in the innermost part of the famous Hardangerfjord, the second-longest fjord in Norway!

Eidfjord is a charming village with around 1,000 inhabitants, known as the gateway to the stunning Vøringsfossen waterfall and Hardangervidda, Norway’s largest national park.

As you step off the ship and into the town center, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking views of towering mountains and crystal-clear fjords around you. The sail-in is spectacular, so be sure to come out on the outer decks to admire the stunning panorama!

In this Eidfjord cruise port guide, I share with you practical information about the Eidfjord cruise terminal, along with the 7 best things to do in Eidfjord port.

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Eidfjord Cruise Port

Cruise ships dock at the heart of Eidfjord village. There is one, 120-meter-long pier that can accommodate one large ship up to 350 meters in length. Anchorage is an alternative option if there are more ships in port.

The small terminal features a tourist information center which is available within a minute’s walk from the ship. Inside, you can get maps and postcards, buy souvenirs, and book tours and transportation. Parking for tour buses and taxis is available on the pier.

Despite its small size, the village offers a range of amenities, including some shops, cafes, and even an art gallery, all within easy reach of the port.

The best way to get around Eidfjord is on a guided shore excursion, as the taxis and public buses are limited. Sightseeing bus tours and trolley train tours are available and you can check the schedules and book them at the tourist information center.

7 Best Things To Do In Eidfjord Cruise Port

Although the village is unquestionably beautiful, there’s not much to see. The major attractions of the area are all located within a relatively short driving distance from the port. Here’s a list of the best Eidfjord attractions!

1. Vøringsfossen Waterfall

When visiting Eidfjord, you must not miss the opportunity to see the stunning Vøringsfossen waterfall that fascinates visitors with its dramatic 182-meter drop into the Måbødalen Valley.

While Norway has numerous waterfalls, this one stands out for its impressive height, powerful water pressure, and thunderous roar.

You can admire the stunning panorama from the viewpoint in front of Fossli Hotel, which also features a large parking where you can leave your car.

Vøringsfossen waterfall is located only 19 km from Eidfjord and it takes about a 25-minute drive to get there. Numerous tours are offered by both cruise lines and local tour operators.

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Eidfjord - Vøringsfossen Waterfall
Vøringsfossen Waterfall. Source: Pixabay.com

2. Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park, Norway’s largest national park, spans an impressive 3,422 square kilometers and is renowned for its expansive, rugged plateau. The park’s terrain is incredibly diverse, offering flat plains on the eastern side and dramatic mountains and fjords on the western side. The views are simply breathtaking!

One of the highlights of visiting Hardangervidda is encountering Europe’s largest herd of wild reindeer. Additionally, the park is home to an array of arctic plants and animals, which makes it perfect for wildlife observation.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Hardangervidda offers a great variety of activities to enjoy, such as hiking, fishing, wildlife-watching, and even skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Hardangervidda National Park is located within a 45-minute drive from the port of Eidfjord and is best visited on a guided tour.

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Eidfjord - Hardangervidda National Park
Hardangervidda National Park. Source: Pixabay.com

3. Trebua Woodshop

Eidfjord Trebua is a hidden gem located in the heart of Eidfjord village, only a 10-minute walk from the cruise port. This family-run workshop is a unique attraction that showcases traditional Norwegian woodworking craftsmanship.

Once inside, you’ll have the opportunity to explore beautiful and functional wooden items, ranging from kitchen utensils and furniture to intricate decorative pieces. You’ll also meet skilled wood craftsmen who will intrigue you with stories of their craft and showcase their remarkable creations.

The woodshop also features a cozy retail space where guests can purchase these unique items as souvenirs or gifts.

4. Norsk Natursenter Hardanger

Located only 7.4 km (a 10-minute drive) from Eidfjord cruise port, Norsk Natursenter Hardanger is an interactive and educational center dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the Hardanger region and the Hardangervidda National Park.

The center features engaging exhibits that cover a wide range of topics, from geology and glaciology to flora, fauna, and local human history.

A highlight of the center is the panoramic cinema, which proudly presents “Fjords, Mountains, and Waterfalls,” a captivating film that showcases the stunning landscapes of Hardanger and Hardangervidda.

Visitors can also explore the interactive displays and dioramas that provide hands-on learning experiences for all ages.

5. Simadalen Valley

Nestled within the majestic landscapes of Eidfjord, only 11 minutes’ drive from the port, Simadalen Valley is a hidden gem that offers the perfect nature escape with its lush greenery, dramatic cliffs, and the tranquil Simadalselva River that winds through it.

Simadalen is also home to several beautiful waterfalls, including the impressive Skytjefossen, one of Norway’s highest.

This picturesque valley is home to a network of hiking paths suitable for hikers of all skill levels, from easy walks to more challenging hikes. You can go hiking, fishing, or wildlife spotting, and if you’re into photography – this is one of the most scenic places in this part of Norway!

Eidfjord - Simadalen Valley
Simadalen Valley. Source: Canva Pro

6. Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord, often referred to as the “Queen of the Fjords,” is the second longest fjord in Norway, stretching over 179 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean into the mountainous interior. This breathtaking fjord is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, featuring cliffs, lush orchards, and sparkling waters.

Visitors to Hardangerfjord can engage in a wide range of activities, like fjord cruises and kayaking that offer panoramic views of the dramatic scenery.

Hiking and cycling are also great options to experience the beauty of Hardangerfjord from a different perspective!

It is possible to rent a bike in Eidfjord and set off on a leisurely ride, or simply join one of the guided tours.

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7. Kjeåsen Mountain Farm

Accessible by a steep, winding road and a narrow tunnel, this historic farm lies 12 km (a 20-minute drive) northeast of Eidfjord cruise port and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding fjord and mountains.

Perched high above the fjord on a steep mountainside, Kjeåsen, often dubbed the “world’s most isolated farm,” has been inhabited for over 300 years.

Today, visitors can explore the farmstead, which includes well-preserved buildings and a small museum that provides insights into the challenging yet rewarding lifestyle of its former inhabitants.

The journey to this historic farm is an experience in itself, offering views of Hardangerfjord and the surrounding countryside.

To reach Kjeåsen, you have two options: a mountain road or a hike. The hike is not for all skill levels, but the stunning views along the trail make every step worth it. After about 1.5 to 2 hours of hiking, you will reach the farm.

For those who prefer an easy way, you can drive up to Kjeåsen along the mountain road. The drive is short and simple, with only a few turns along the way. Also, remember to wear sturdy hiking boots, especially if you’re taking the trail, and keep an eye out for the T signs to stay on track.

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