20 Gift Ideas for Cruisers

Gift ideas for cruisers

20 Gift Ideas for Cruisers

Updated: December 2021

Are you a cruise addict, a first-time cruiser, or working on a cruise ship? If you are, you are in the right place!

We all know that the past couple of years have been unfortunate for the cruise industry but the good news is – cruises are back!

Holidays have arrived and it’s time to make your family, friends, coworkers happy and smiling! If your loved ones are into cruising, a cruise-related gift is always a fun and creative option!

Read below my list of 20 cruise gift ideas and feel free to share your ideas, too!

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1. 3D Titanic Puzzle

Christmas and New Year holidays are the best time of year to gather your family, so what can be better than an engaging activity ideal to spend some quality, fun time with your family? And it includes a cruise ship, as well! This amazing 3D Ship Model Puzzle is suitable for both teenagers and adults, a perfect gift for cruisers, and a reminder of fun moments we’ve all had on a cruise!

On top of it, once you put the pieces together, you’ll have an original home decoration item too, especially beautiful at night when illuminated!

Titanic puzzle, one of the gift ideas for cruisers

2. Cruise Coffee Mug

A coffee mug with cruise motives will definitely draw smiles to your fellow cruise friends’ faces! It’s a great cruise gift idea for the Christmas holidays and be sure that people will love it! I got one from my bestie from my first ship and I still keep it!


“Life is Better on a Cruise” Retro Mug 

3. Kindle

Kindle is one of the smartest gift ideas for cruisers if you are an avid reader like me. Although when it comes to books I always prefer the paper version, when you are limited with space in your luggage, smaller items always come in handy!

I’ve been using Kindle for many years now and I can’t describe how much space they save! Plus, during a 7-month ship contract (I work as a Shore Excursion Staff) sometimes I read several books – imagine if I would have to drag all of those with me every time I go?

I highly recommend you check out this one, as it comes with an audiobook and several other amazing features:

Kindle – With a Built-in Front Light – White – Ad-Supported

4. Book

A good holiday-themed book is a great pick for those cruisers who enjoy reading during their free time onboard. Christmas and New Year cruises are always euphoric, packed with smiling people, excitement and holiday vibes, so a good cruise-related book only adds up to the overall cheerful holiday atmosphere!


Santa Cruise: A Festive and Fun Holiday Story

5. Reusable Christmas Mask

I know, I know, it’s holiday time and we should only think of nice things, however, some cruise lines still require guests to wear a mask onboard a cruise ship.

Wearing a mask is mandatory for crew members at all times, and some ports of calls require it, too. So, if it’s obligatory, why not make it fun and creative?

I found these holiday masks on Amazon, and I am sure you’ll love them! They are a great gift for those cruisers who travel with family or a group of friends, so you can all be recognizable and spotted!

“Merry Cruisemas” Family Cruise Christmas Face Mask

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6. Cruise Approved Power Strip

Let’s get practical! You probably know there are only one or a maximum of two electrical outlets per cruise ship cabin. Imagine you travel in a group of four and five, and you all need to charge your devices and use plugs at the same time? That’s why having a cruise ship-approved power strip is extremely useful, but make sure it’s cruise-approved, though (it needs to be no surge protector, otherwise, it will be confiscated upon embarking on a ship).

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Cruise Power Strip No Surge Protector with USB Outlets – Ship Approved (Non Surge Protection) Cruise Essentials

7. Photo Album

Happiness is in the little things, right? I make my own travel photo album every time I finish my cruise ship contract. During my 7-month long contract, I usually visit dozens of new destinations, get to make new friendships, and meet new people.

A few years ago, I decided to make an album every time I finish my contract, and that’s one of the most creative decisions I’ve made! Moments pass, but memories stay! Normally, I used to buy albums in a shop onboard a cruise ship, but this one I found on Amazon, and I liked it a lot (Amazon price is way cheaper than onboard one):

MCS Vacation Time Travel Photo Album, 8.5 x 8.5, Blue

photo album

Cruise photo album
Good old times!

8. Portable Charger

Another must-have item and one of the most useful gift ideas for cruisers! It happens very often that we run out of phone batteries when we most need it (it happened to me when I first came to Cozumel, luckily my friend was there so we used her phone).

A portable charger allows you to charge your phone wherever you are and not think of your phone battery dying. I am not into technology but a portable charger is extremely useful and a lifesaver when you are outside in a port of call (particularly on shore excursions)!

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portable charger

9. Waterproof Portable Speaker

Whether you are chilling in your cabin or at the beach, this practical JBL speaker is easily connected to your mobile device and the battery holds for quite a long.

It definitely makes my 7-month contract a lot easier to handle and it’s a perfect gift for all of you cruisers as you can play your favorite music while on a holiday!


JBL speaker, one of the best gift ideas for cruisers

If your budget is limited, consider buying the smaller one! I have the one in the picture below and I am super happy with it as it’s compact, light and fits any bag!

10. Snorkel Gear

Snorkel gear is a top pick for those cruisers who are into underwater activities and plan to do some snorkeling on their cruise.

On shore excursions and tours that involve snorkeling, the snorkel gear is usually provided by the tour operator and included in the tour price, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and increased health risks – I highly suggest you always bring your own gear!

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Recommended snorkel gear:

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Adult Snorkeling Gear

11. Travel Money Belt 

I think that a travel money belt is one of the smartest choices when it comes to getting around in a port of call, at least for men (I am not being exclusive here, I just know women need larger purses lol).

It’s a perfect cruise gift that every cruiser needs to safely store their travel documents, including a cruise ID card, a copy of a passport/passport if needed, ID, travel insurance, cash money, credit cards, etc.


DAITET Money Belt – Passport Holder

Travel money belt

12. Toiletry Travel Bag

Maybe one of the most practical and useful gift ideas for cruisers is a toiletry travel bag! Onboard a cruise ship everything comes down to saving space as much as you can, and that’s what this bag is for!

As you can see, you can perfectly organize your cosmetics, accessories, and makeup, without taking up much of a precious cabin space! So, if you want some useful packing cruise tips and gift ideas for cruisers, trust me and get a toiletry travel bag!


BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook, Water-resistant Makeup Cosmetic Bag Travel Organizer

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13. Lanyard

All cruisers know that a lanyard is a must-have on a cruise vacation! It allows you to carry your ship ID card (which is your stateroom key at the same time) around your neck all the time, without a worry that you might lose it.

I like the lanyards with cruise-related motives and patterns, and there are plenty of choices on Amazon!


14. Refillable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle always comes in handy, whether you are a cruise passenger or a crew member, and it’s a very practical and useful gift idea.

Tap water on cruise ships is normally drinkable but to be honest, I never drink it. I prefer to buy a pack of water and then refill my bottle when needed. I use it for a gym, I bring it to my workplace, shore excursions, everywhere!

I use a water bottle similar to the one in the picture below because it can contain a lot of water, which saves me the time of returning to my cabin to refill every now and then. What’s more, it has some motivational notes written on the bottle, which I find cool and inspiring.


Fidus Large 1 Gallon/128oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw

15. Towel Clips

Although it might sound silly, towel clips sometimes can save your day! Fellow cruisers know how windy it can be on a pool deck and outside in the port, so these little, seemingly unnecessary gadgets, can keep your towel on your chair even in case of the strongest wind.

I found these ones cute and creative, ideal for cruisers (especially those ones going on a Caribbean cruise!):

O2COOL Margarita BocaClips, Beach Towel Holders

towel clips, one of the best gift ideas for cruisers

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16. Windproof Travel Umbrella

When I first came to the Caribbean a few years ago, I expected perfect weather as I saw in the pictures. Instead, during the 5 months of my contract in the Caribbean, we mostly had cloudy, windy, and often rainy weather (I know, we were there in the wintertime, but still).

Therefore, having a high-quality, travel-size windproof umbrella is an absolute must-have cruise travel gadget and a great gift idea for cruisers! No matter where you go, the small umbrella is always easy to pack and perfectly fits in cruise carry-ons.

My choice is: SY Compact Travel Umbrella Auto Open Close Windproof LightWeight Unbreakable Umbrellas
travel umbrella

17. Waterproof Backpack

Cruisers know how frustrating it can be to go out in port and be back onboard with a wet backpack. A waterproof dry backpack can solve your problems and is a perfect gift for those cruisers who like the beach and water-related activities.


Matein Travel Laptop Backpack – Water Resistant – BEST SELLER!

18. GoPro Camera

GoPro camera is a must for those cruisers who plan to go for some adventurous activities such as ziplines, ATV rides, horseback swimming, snorkeling, and others.

I did snorkeling in Bonaire, a Marine National Park and one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the world, but guess what – I didn’t have any camera! I missed so many incredible chances to make amazing videos and take great shots, so I definitely recommend you grab one of these (don’t be lazy like me).


GoPro HERO9 Black – Waterproof Action Camera


Diving in Bonaire, Abc islands
Luckily for me, I have a friend with a GoPro; this is one of the pictures he took in Bonaire with his camera!

19. Beach Bag

A beach bag is of the must-have cruise essentials in case a cruise includes some beach time, and I recommend purchasing it before your cruise, as you probably won’t find a wide range of bags in a port of call (although it depends on a port of call itself – my experience wasn’t good, so I suggest to better get it beforehand).

I personally prefer the lightweight tote bags with a zipper and several compartments where I can store my water bottle, wet swimsuit, sunglasses, and other essentials.


Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag for Travel Essentials


beach bag

20. Amazon Gift Card

Last but not least, Amazon gift cards are a perfect gift for everyone! If you are dealing with a cruise addict who already has all the items I listed, a gift card is an ideal chance to let them choose their own gift!

It is a perfect way to say “thank you” to our loved ones, our co-workers, friends, and teammates! Happiness is in little things, remember?


Amazon.com Gift Card in a Holiday Pop-Up Box


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Adventour Begins is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. When you click on and/or make a purchase through a link to an Amazon affiliate link placed on our website, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

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