Mykonos Cruise Port Guide | 5 Best Things To Do In Mykonos Greece

Welcome to Mykonos cruise port in Greece! (Post updated: March 2024)

This stunning Greek island is part of the Cyclades, a group of islands nestled in the Aegean Sea southeast of mainland Greece. Also known as “The Island of the Winds”, the island of Mykonos is renowned for its picture-perfect windmills, white-washed houses, gorgeous sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. It is a popular cruise port in the Eastern Mediterranean cruise itineraries, and in this article, I share with you information on:

  • Mykonos cruise port (Mykonos cruise terminal, getting around, helpful info)
  • 5 best things to do in Mykonos port & best Mykonos shore excursions

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Mykonos Cruise Port

The port of Mykonos is located on the island’s western coast. There are two options for cruise ships calling at the port: docking at the Mykonos New Port, which is located approximately 2.5 km/1.5 miles (a 10-minute drive, or a 35-minute walk) from Mykonos Town, or anchoring in the bay in front of Mykonos Town and then tendering to the Mykonos Old Port, located in the heart of Mykonos Town.

1. Docking at Mykonos New Port

  • The New Port is located in the coastal village of Tourlos, within a 15-minute walk from a beautiful Agios Stefanos Beach. As mentioned above, this new port is located within a 10-minute drive from Mykonos Town, the capital of the island also known as Chora/Hora. There is only one pier that can accommodate one large cruise vessel or two smaller ones.
  • The cruise lines may organize free shuttle buses to Mykonos Town’s bus station, from where you can reach Mykonos’ old town in a 10-15 minute walk. Alternatively, you can take a taxi, public bus, or a water taxi from a small marina next to the pier. Water taxis are operated by SeaBus company and they provide transportation between the New Port in Tourlos and Mykonos Town.
  • In Mykonos Town, the water taxi stops at two locations: at Mykonos Old Port’s taxi and bus station (this stop is officially called “Old Port Bus & Taxi Stations”), from where you need to walk additional 10-15 minutes to Mykonos old town; and on Old Port Mykonos Town pier (officially known as “Old Port Mykonos Town/Chora”) located right in front of the Town Hall and the pedestrianized zone of the old town. It’s up to you to choose where to get off the water taxi, at the bus station or in the heart of the old town. If you’re planning to hit the beaches, you’d better get off at Old Port bus station, from where you can catch a local bus to the beaches. However, if you prefer to explore the old town or book a shore excursion to the ancient city of Delos, you should get off at Old Port Mykonos Town Pier. The ticket for one ride costs 2€ per person and the ride takes about 10 minutes. Water taxis are wheelchair accessible and they also have a free space for luggage and baby strollers. The water taxis run every 30 minutes and you can check the schedules at
  • Mykonos New Port is also a ferry port that serves ferries to the Greek islands of Paros, Naxos, Tinos, Delos and Rafina port town.
Mykonos New Port
Mykonos New Port

Mykonos Cruise Port - New Port

2. Tendering to Mykonos Old Port

  • Mykonos Old Port has two piers, located around a 10-15 minute walk from each other (these are the same two piers where water taxi stops). The cruise ships normally anchor in the bay in front of Mykonos Town, and they transfer the cruise passengers on tender boats to one of the mentioned piers. The tender ride lasts 5-10 minutes. Please note that you cannot choose where you want to be transferred, as it depends on the cruise lines and port authority.
  • The first pier is at the taxi and bus station, while the second pier is in Mykonos Old Town. In case you’re transferred to the first one, you’ll need to walk along the waterfront promenade to the old town for about 10-15 minutes. Besides the main bus station and a taxi rank, here you’ll also find large free parking, public toilets, a supermarket, car rentals and tour vendors. 
  • Alternatively, you may be transferred directly to Old Port Mykonos Town Pier, which is located in front of the Town Hall and within a short walk from the main sights and the restaurants.
Mykonos Greece cruise port
Ships anchored in front of Mykonos Town
Mykonos Cruise Port map
Mykonos Cruise Port map. Source: Google Maps

Getting Around Mykonos Port

  • The currency in Greece is EURO (€). Local currency and credit cards are widely accepted, however, it is recommended to have some cash for souvenirs. The currency exchange and ATMs are available in town. You may be required to show your passport upon changing the money.
  • The port areas and Mykonos Old Town are easily walkable and wheelchair accessible.
  • Even though it’s only a 35-minute walk, it is not recommended to walk from Mykonos New Port to the old town, as there are no sidewalks and the terrain is uneven. Take a shuttle bus, taxi, water taxi, or public bus instead.
  • There are two main bus stations in Mykonos Town: “Fabrika” (South Station) and “Old Port” (North Station). Buses in Mykonos are operated by KTEL company and they cover the routes to almost all places on the island, including the famous beaches Paradise, Kalafati, Elia, Kalo Livadi, Panormos, Platis Gialos, Ornos, and others. The bus ticket varies depending on the distance traveled, and you can purchase the tickets at the booths at the stations or directly from the driver (drivers accept only cash). You can check the bus schedules at
  • Taxis are available in New Port, Old Port and Mykonos Town. In Mykonos Town, you’ll find taxis at the central square right next to the statue of Manto Mavrogenous. They have fixed prices that vary by season. In the high season, the number of taxis may be limited.
  • Renting a car or motorcycle is a great way to explore the island, but be ready for big crowds in the high season. Check out Mykonos rent-a-car deals
  • Little boats, also called “caiques“, provide boat transfers to the beaches. Many tour operators in Mykonos cruise port and the old town offer this option, and you can check the schedules, departure points and fares on-site.
  • Greek is the official language on Mykonos island, but English is widely spoken. It’s good to know that “Paralía”/”Παραλία” means “beach”, “Agios/Agia” means “Holy” and “Panagia” means the “monastery/church”.
  • Mykonos International Airport is located about 3.5 km/2.2 miles (a 10-minute drive) southeast of Mykonos cruise port and the old town. Mykonos Airport is well connected to the old town and the New Port.
  • Explore Mykonos tours and activities
  • Book a private transfer to/from Mykonos cruise port
  • Search the best hotels in Mykonos Town

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5 Best Things to Do in Mykonos Cruise Port

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1. Mykonos Town

Also known as Chora/Hora, Mykonos Old Town is the hub of tourist activities in Mykonos and a must-see on your visit to the island. The old town is a perfect blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, with its old whitewashed houses, picturesque windows, doors and balconies, chic restaurants and high-end boutiques. Get lost in the pedestrian maze of narrow streets and discover the picturesque alleyways, authentic art galleries, white churches, and hidden corners. The most popular attractions of the old town include:

  • Matoyianni Street (Matogianni) – the main street flanked by cozy restaurants, bars and boutiques.
  • Windmills of Mykonos – the iconic windmills are the trademark of Mykonos and the most romantic spot for sunsets. They line the coast and stand at less than a 10-minute walk from the Old Port. Facilities and large free parking are available next to the site, and restaurants and shops are within walking distance. This spot is particularly windy so be sure to bring a light jacket.
  • Little Venice –  one of the most photographed spots in Mykonos Town, “Little Venice” refers to the colorful two-story Venetian-style houses with wooden balconies that line the coast of Mykonos Old Town. In the 13th century, Mykonos was under Venetian rule and one of the main stops on the trade route between Venice and Asia, hence the resemblance to the Italian city. These picture-perfect buildings nowadays house trendy restaurants, cafes and art galleries. The scenic spot is on the beach next to the parking and famous Windmills.
  • Pelicano Petros (Peter the Pelican) – Petros (Peter) is the pelican of Mykonos that has been officially declared the mascot of the island, as he had made Mykonos his home since 1954. The original “Petros” was found wounded after a storm, after which he stayed on the island for the next 30 years. Nowadays, visitors can still see a few of his descendants roaming the streets around the seafront.
  • Panagia Paraportiani – located at the entrance of the harbour, this charming 17th-century whitewashed Greek Orthodox church comprises five smaller churches and boasts typical Cycladic architecture.
  • Mykonos Town Hall – the 18th-century white building of the Town Hall perfectly blends in with the local architecture. It sits at the entrance of the harbour, close to Panagia Paraportiani.
  • Saint Nikolaos of Kadena – you’ll recognize this small blue-domed Greek Orthodox church at the entrance of the harbour, in front of the Town Hall.
  • Mykonos Folklore Museum – housed in a typical white building, this heritage museum features 19th-century furniture, model ships, and artifacts from local history. It sits a stone’s throw from Panagia Paraportiani and Mykonos castle.
  • Mykonos Castle – originally built by the Venetians to protect the harbour, the remains of the castle are still visible and provide scenic views of the coastline.
  • Aegean Maritime Museum – a 5-minute walk from the harbour, the Maritime Museum specializes in the merchant-ship history of the Aegean Sea and showcases the Aegean maritime history from ancient times to the present. In the museum’s garden, visitors can see the reproduction of ancient sailors’ marble gravestones collected from the islands of Mykonos and Delos.
  • Archaeological Museum of Mykonos – this compact museum is located on the road between the Old Port bus station and Mykonos Town. The museum showcases urns, funerary statues and art, grave stelae and figurines from prehistory to the Hellenistic period.

Explore Mykonos Town tours and activities

Mykonos Old Port
Mykonos Old Port
Little Venice
Little Venice
Matoyianni Street Mykonos
Matoyianni Street

2. Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos is world-famous for its breathtaking beaches boasting crystal clear turquoise waters and powdery-soft sand. Here’s the list of the most popular beaches in Mykonos:

  • Paradise Beach – this lively sandy beach is the most popular in Mikonos and is filled with beach resorts restaurants, bars and clubs. There’s large free parking on site and amenities (umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, etc.) available. If you’re looking for peace – skip Paradise Beach! Location: 6.5 km/4 miles (a 15-minute drive) southeast of the Old Port. Check out Paradise Beach tours and activities
  • Super Paradise Beach – only 7 km away from Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach is fully covered with parasols and sunbeds and features party vibes. The beach is not wide so expect crowds in high season (and sunbathing next to each other). It is popular with honeymoon couples and water is perfect for families with kids. Watersports are available. You can get there by car or a beach shuttle departing from the Fabrika bus terminal in Mykonos Town. A couple of restaurants and hotels line the beach. The famous Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant is located at one end of the beach and is a popular spot for LGBT crowds. Location: 8 km/5 miles (a 20-minute drive) southeast of the Mykonos Old Port.
  • Ornos Beach – this wide, trendy beach is a popular spot for families and those who prefer a resort-like atmosphere. There are plenty of beach bars, restaurants and hotels in the area, as well as facilities such as boat rentals and watersports. A great spot for swimming. The beach is accessible by local bus. Location: 4 km/2.5 miles (a 10-15 minute drive) south of Mykonos cruise port.
  • Agios Ioannis Beach – this beach is good for snorkeling, as there are rocky parts on the beach. It’s flanked by hotel resorts with pools overlooking the beach and the island of Delos that you can spot in the distance. The beach can get crowded in the high season. It’s well connected by a public bus from Mykonos Town. Location: around 5 km/3 miles (a 15-minute drive) southwest of the Old Port.
  • Agios Sostis Beach – small, undeveloped and remote sandy beach with no facilities except for a taverna and a couple of villas. Due to its northern location, it is exposed to winds and waves. Great spot for those looking to escape large crowds. Nudism friendly. There are no buses to this beach, so the only option is to go by car. Free parking is available. Location: around 8 km/5 miles (a 15-minute drive) northeast of Mykonos Old Port.
  • Kalo Livadi Beach – despite its cosmopolitan vibe with a party atmosphere, this beach attracts families with kids due to its safe shallow waters and lots of space for everyone. Several beach resorts and restaurants are available, as well as facilities and watersports (kayaking, paddling). Location: 10 km/6.2 miles (a 20-minute drive) southeast of Mykonos cruise port.
  • Lia Beach – a remote pebbly sandy beach with a beach club and facilities. It’s popular for snorkeling and diving. It’s not that crowded because it’s the farthest beach from Mykonos Town. There’s no bus, so a car is the only option. Location: 13 km/8 miles (a 25-minute drive) east of the port of Mykonos.
  • Panormos Beach – the far end of the beach is nudist-friendly. This is a wide sandy beach with a relaxing atmosphere, also popular with families. Stronger winds and waves may occur because the beach is located on the north of the island. It’s accessible by bus and car. Location: around 6 km/3.7 miles (a 15-minute drive) northeast of Mykonos port.
  • Platis Gialos Beach – a long stretch of sandy beach boasting crystal-clear shallow waters. The hotels, restaurants and facilities, including watersports, are available at the beach. From here, you can hop on a water taxi to Paradise, Super Paradise and other nearby beaches. The beach is accessible by public bus and car. Location: 5 km/3 miles (a 10-15 minute drive) southeast of Old Port Mikonos.
  • Kalafatis Beach – located on the eastern coast of Mykonos, this wide sandy beach is ideal for windsurfers and those who prefer more tranquil spots away from the bustling city center. It is reachable by public bus and car. A smaller beach Agia Anna is located within walking distance. Location: 12 km/7.5 miles (a 20-25 minute drive) southeast of Mykonos Old Port.
  • Elia Beach – this beach is very popular with LGBT and nudists and features a party atmosphere. It is the largest and one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, packed with sunbeds and parasols. Restaurants and hotels surround the beach. You can get there by local bus or car. Location: 10 km/6.2 miles (a 25-minute drive) southeast of Mikonos cruise port.
  • Agios Stefanos Beach – this beach is located within a 15-20 minute walk from the Mykonos New Port, and you can see the cruise ships and ferries in the distance. Due to its proximity to the port, it gets crowded in peak months. Several restaurants and supermarkets are available in the area. The beach is great for watersports and swimming in shallow waters.

Check out Mykonos beach tours and water activities

Mykonos Beach

3. Scenic Island Tour

If you prefer to see a bit of everything, you can go for a panoramic tour of the island with stops at beaches, Mykonos Town and major sights of the island. These tours usually include a visit to the picturesque village of Ano Mera, the second largest village after Mykonos Town, known for its beautiful monastery of Panagia Tourliani, dating from the 16th century. Immerse in the local culture and treat your taste buds with Greek appetizers and the local Ouzo drink at one of the authentic Central Square taverns.

Check out Mykonos island tours and activities

4. Archaeological Site of Delos

A trip to the Delos archaeological site is one of the most popular shore excursions in Mykonos cruise port. The tiny Cycladean island of Delos is the mythical birthplace of the Goddess Artemis and the God Apollo and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apollo’s sanctuary attracted pilgrims from all over Greece, which resulted in the prosperity and wealth of the place. Today, visitors can admire excavated remains of classical temples, villas, palaces, amphitheaters and baths, and find traces of the Aegean civilizations from the 3rd millennium BC to the early Christian era. Adjacent to the archaeological site is the Delos Archaeological Museum where you can find priceless treasures, mosaics, and statuary found during the excavations.

Delos can be reached by a ferry boat departing from the Mykonos Town Old Port pier. The ride takes about an hour one way and can be rough (depending on the sea conditions). Delos archaeological site involves walking on uneven gravel terrain and steps that can be slippery, so it’s not recommended for people with walking difficulties. It’s imperative to keep hydrated at all times because the temperatures can be extremely hot in July and August.

Check out Delos Archaeological Site tours and activities

Delos archaeological site, Greece
Delos archaeological site. Source:

5. Wine and Dine

The Greek islands are a synonym for premium quality olives and wine. Greeks have been making wine for many thousands of years and sampling a local wine is part of the experience. You’ll find many farms and wineries scattered around Mykonos’ countryside where you can taste the premium quality Mykonian wine, accompanied by traditional Greek appetizers.

In Mykonos Town, you can go for the refreshing Greek salad, fresh seafood, or typical meat meals including “gyros”, “moussaka” and “souvlaki”. Make sure to taste delicious homemade vegetable pies and the traditional Tzatziki dip, topped by “raki” or “ouzo” local brandies.

Explore Mykonos wine and food tasting tours and activities

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