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Port of Rhodes - Mandraki windmills

Welcome to the port of Rhodes Greece! (Post updated: March 2024)

The beautiful Greek island of Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese group of islands nestled in the Aegean Sea in the Eastern Mediterranean. The impressive history of Rhodes Island dates back to the 8th century BC.

Due to its excellent strategic location, Rhodes Island was under the rule of ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Knights of Saint John, Ottoman Turks, and Italians throughout history.

As a result, the whole island boasts impressive archaeological ruins, ancient sites, impressive medieval heritage, and different architectural influences. In this article, read about:

  • Port of Rhodes (Rhodes cruise terminal, getting around, helpful info)
  • Best things to do in Rhodes Old Town & best Rhodes shore excursions

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Port of Rhodes

The port of Rhodes is located in Rhodes town, situated on the northern tip of the island. Rhodes town is divided into two parts, the modern part that encompasses a beautiful Mandraki harbour and the Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Rhodes cruise ship terminal is situated in a large bay overlooking the Mandraki marina and the medieval walls of the Old Town. The cruise ship terminal features a long deepwater quay where cruise ships dock and from where cruise passengers can reach the Old Town in less than a 10-minute walk.

Port of Rhodes - View from ship
Rhodes cruise port – View from the ship

The walled Old City of Rhodes has several gates that you can access by crossing the street once you exit the cruise terminal area. You will find some terminal facilities including shops, car rentals, a tourist information desk and a taxi station, and if you keep walking to your right you’ll come across Virgin Mary’s Gate, one of the main entrances to the Old Town.

The port of Rhodes is also one of the major ferry ports offering daily transfers to Kos, Samos, Symi, Chalki and other Greek islands.

Major cruise lines sailing to Rhodes Greece include Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celestyal Cruises, Holland America Line, Silversea, AIDA Cruises, MSC Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises, Virgin Voyages and Costa Cruises.

Rhodes cruise port rent a car and shops
Rhodes car rental is a very convenient and popular way to explore the island, and you will find several companies in front of the terminal area.
Rhodes Old Town walls
You will spot the medieval walls of Rhodes Old Town upon exiting the terminal.
Virgin Mary's Gate - Rhodes Old Town
Virgin Mary’s Gate

Getting Around Rhodes Port

  • The currency in Rhodes (Greece) is EURO (€). Local currency and credit cards are widely accepted, however, it’s recommended to bring some cash for souvenirs. ATMs and currency exchange are available in town, within a short walk from the ship.
  • The best way to explore Rhodes town is on foot as you can reach the main attractions within a 10-15-minute walk from the port. Upon exiting the terminal, turn to your right and after a 10-minute walk along the seafront promenade, you will reach a picturesque Mandraki marina filled with yachts, boats, and beautiful historic buildings dating from the Italian era. Here you will also find numerous tour operators offering boat cruises to Kalithea Springs, Antony Quinn Beach, Lindos, Symi Island and other popular destinations in Rhodes.
  • Nearby, you will also find a taxi rank with numerous taxis offering rides to popular Rhodes attractions and beaches. Taxi prices are fixed (although you can often negotiate the price) and you will find them displayed in front of the Art Gallery by the entrance to the Old Town.
  • A public bus is available in Rhodes town, however, I don’t recommend using the bus if you are coming to Rhodes only for a day as they are not that frequent. Rhodes Central Bus Station is located in the heart of Rhodes town (on Papagou street, behind the Nea Agora building in the Mandraki port) outside the Old Town walls, around 10 minutes walk from the port. You will find a kiosk at the station where you can buy the tickets and inquire about the timetables.
  • Rhodes Hop on Hop off sightseeing bus tours are a convenient and affordable way of seeing the port’s attractions in a day. Check out the offers on Viator and Get Your Guide
  • Rhodes Car Rental is one of the best ways to go around the island. Rhodes is relatively small in size (79.7 km/49.5 miles long and 38 km/24 miles wide) and it’s possible to see some of the main attractions in a day. You will find a lot of rent-a-car companies all around the town, and prices vary depending on the season and availability. When I was in Rhodes, I rented a car for three days and you can read about my journey in my article Rhodes Car Rental: 3-Day Itinerary with Maps, Explanations
  • Check out Rhodes rent-a-car deals
  • Rhodes-Diagoras International Airport is located 15.5 km/9.6 miles southwest of the capital, and the taxi price is around 27€ one way per vehicle. A cheaper option is to take a public bus that you will find upon exiting the airport terminal to your left side. A one-way ticket to Rhodes Central Bus Station costs 3€, the ride takes around 30 minutes and you pay the driver in cash (make sure you have coins or small bills). Buses run every 30-45 minutes, so make sure you inquire about the next departure at the tourist information desk that you will find by the exit of the airport terminal.
  • Book a private transfer to/from Rhodes cruise port
  • Explore Rhodes tours and activities
  • Find accommodation in Rhodes

I visited Rhodes on a Mediterranean cruise, here’s the port overview! 

Mandraki Harbour Rhodes - Tour operators
Mandraki Harbour
Rhodes taxis
Taxis in Rhodes town are black with a yellow “taxi” sign.
Rhodes taxi prices
Rhodes taxi prices are fixed, however, you can often negotiate the price. 
Rhodes Central Bus Station
Rhodes Central Bus Station

Best Things to Do in the Port of Rhodes

If you’re visiting Rhodes for the first time, I highly recommend you spend the day in Rhodes Old Town just walking around and exploring the city’s wonderful landmarks and attractions.

Below, I share with you the top attractions and things to do in Rhodes Old Town. However, if you decide to explore outside of the city, I recommend you read my article 20 Best Things to Do in Rhodes, Greece where you’ll get insider information, tips and directions.

Before I share the best things to do in Rhodes, I invite you to grab your copy of theMediterranean Cruise Port Guide”, the most comprehensive guide to 45 Mediterranean cruise ports (including Rhodes), packed with practical information, expert tips & unforgettable experiences! (PDF format/200 pages)

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Rhodes Old Town

  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights – This magnificent palace is one of the major landmarks in Rhodes. The palace was built by the Knights of Saint John in the early 14th century on the site of the Byzantine citadel. Today, it is a museum that comprises 24 rooms and halls that you can visit on a (self)-guided tour. The ticket price is 8€ and you can also buy a combined ticket at the price of 10€ that also includes entrance to the Archeological Museum, Decorative Arts Collection, and the Church of Our Lady of the Castle. Explore Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights tours and activities
  • Archaeological Museum – An impressive museum located a stone’s throw from the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights is housed in the medieval hospital of the Knights of Saint John. The museum boasts numerous collections of archaeological artifacts and findings from different parts of Rhodes and neighboring islands. There is also a beautiful courtyard where you can admire ancient mosaics, sculptures, and other artworks. The entrance ticket is 6€, and you can also buy a combined ticket at the price of 10€ that includes the entrance to the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, Decorative Arts Collection, and the Church of Our Lady of the Castle.
  • Street of the Knights – A medieval, cobbled street that connects the Archeological Museum and the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights.
  • Suleymaniye Mosque – Built in 1522 to commemorate the conquest of Rhodes by Suleiman the Magnificent, this red-colored mosque stands at the end of a bustling Socratous Street and is the most impressive mosque on Rhodes island.
  • Roloi Tower – I highly suggest you climb this tower to get the most spectacular views of Rhodes Town. The entrance ticket is 5€ and includes a free drink at the cafeteria below the tower. The entrance is located next to the Suleymaniye Mosque.
  • Hippocrates Square – A busy square with an ancient colorful fountain is filled with shops, cafes and restaurants offering delicious traditional and international food. Suggested article: 7 Great Rhodes Restaurants That I Highly Recommend

Check out Rhodes Old Town walking tours

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, Rhodes
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights
Archeological Museum Rhodes
Archeological Museum
Street of the Knights Rhodes
Street of the Knights
Sokratous Street and Suleymaniye Mosque in Rhodes Old Town
Suleymaniye Mosque stands at the end of Socratous Street filled with authentic shops and souvenir stores.
Rhodes Town - The view from Roloi Tower
Rhodes Town – The view from Roloi Tower
Hippocrates Square in Rhodes Old Town
Hippocrates Square
  • Elli Beach – Rhodes town also boasts a wonderful beach lined with numerous beach bars, offering all kinds of amenities. The beach is long and boasts crystal-clear waters. It is easily recognizable by its famous trampoline that has three diving boards from where you can jump into the water. The beach starts at the end of the Mandraki port, around a 10-15-minute walk from the cruise terminal.
  • Mandraki Harbour – A beautiful harbour boasts a seafront promenade lined with luxury yachts, boats and numerous tour operators offering boat trips to popular Rhodes beaches, bays and neighboring islands. Mandraki port was mainly built and reconstructed under Italian rule in the first half of the 20th century and boasts magnificent elegant buildings that today house some of the main institutions of Rhodes town (The Police Station, Governor’s House, National Theater, the National Bank, etc.)

The entrance of the harbour used to be the place where stood Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek sun-god Helios and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World destroyed in the earthquake of 226 BC. Today, on the site of the Colossus feet stand the two statues of a male and female deer, Elafos and Elafina, symbols of the island erected on two columns marking the entrance to the port.

You will find these two statues opposite The Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and its bell tower (you can see the bell tower in the picture below). Mandraki Harbour is also known for its imposing St Nicholas fortress and a lighthouse dating from the 15th century, and three picturesque windmills, another symbol of Rhodes town.

Explore Rhodes town tours and activities

Mandraki Port
Mandraki Harbour
Elli beach Rhodes
Elli beach

Outside the Rhodes Town

Rhodes island is gorgeous and if you decide to spend your day exploring the island, you can do so by taking a taxi, booking a shore excursion (with your cruise company or an independent tour operator), or renting a car which I highly recommend.

I will list below the most popular places in Rhodes and the distance from Rhodes Town. You can read about all of them more in detail in my article 20 Best Things to do in Rhodes, Greece

  • Lindos – 50 km/31 miles south of Rhodes town, or a 1-hour drive.
  • Kallithea Springs – 9 km/5.6 miles, a 15-minute drive.
  • Antony Quinn Beach – 19 km/12 miles, a 30-minute drive.
  • Tsambika Beach and Monastery – 30 km/19 miles, a 40-minute drive.
  • Butterfly Valley – 27 km/17 miles, or a 40-minute drive.
  • Kamiros Archeological Site – 37 km/23 miles, a 50-minute drive.
  • Kritinia Castle – 46 km/28.5 miles, a 1-hour drive.
  • Monolithos Castle – 72 km/45 miles, a 1h30 minute drive.
  • Prasonisi Beach – 90 km/56 miles, a 1h30 minute drive.
  • Faliraki – 13 km/8 miles, a 20-minute drive.

Check out the best Rhodes tours and activities

Lindos village, Rhodes island
Antony Quinn Beach
Antony Quinn Beach
Kallithea Springs beach
Kallithea Springs
Wrapping Up

Rhodes Island is an incredible place full of history, cheerful locals, delicious cuisine, wonderful beaches and so many places to explore! I suggest you carefully plan your itinerary based on your wishes and preferences to get the most out of this beautiful port of call.

To help you, I invite you to check out two of my articles where you’ll find itineraries, maps and detailed info on places to visit and things to do.

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