Naples Cruise Port (Full Guide), Things to Do, Day Trips from Naples

Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples cruise port

Naples cruise port is one of the largest Mediterranean ports and a frequent stop in Italy cruise itineraries. As a shore excursions staff onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, I had a chance to visit Naples a couple of times, and in this article, I want to share with you insider information on the port of Naples. In this Naples cruise port guide, read about:

  • Naples cruise port & cruise terminal info
  • Naples in a day: Top things to do in the city of Naples
  • Best day trips from Naples: How to get to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Capri Island?
  • Naples shore excursions tips & practical information

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Naples Cruise Port

Naples is the third-largest city in Italy and the port of Naples ranks among the largest ports in the Mediterranean. Naples cruise terminal is located in the southern part of the city, within a short walking distance from the historic center.

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The Naples cruise terminal is called Stazione Maritima, and it consists of several piers. The main pier where the cruise ships dock is Molo Beverello, situated next to the busy marina and 100 meters away from the ferry port terminal from where you can take ferries to Sorrento and Capri island.

The terminal building is large, and consists of a multitude of modern facilities, such as a brand new shopping mall, tourist information desks, ATMs, restrooms, cafeterias, restaurants, and a spacious parking lot for the tour buses and taxis.

Naples Airport transfers to the port of Naples

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Getting Around the City

You can reach public transport and the metro station (“Municipio” metro station is the closest one) in less than a 10-minute walking distance from the cruise terminal, and Naples central station is located at around 3.5 km (2.1 mi) from the port.

Outside the terminal, right next to the imposing medieval castle Castel Nuovo that you’ll spot upon exiting the terminal building, there is a Hop on hop off bus stop.

How to Get to Naples Central Station?

  • Take the subway – The best way is to take the subway at the Municipio metro station (the closest to the cruise ships) and get off at the Piazza Garibaldi station at Stazione Centrale di Napoli (Napoli Centrale railway station). The metro ride lasts 15 minutes, and trains go every 10 minutes. A 90-minute ticket costs 1.5 € and a daily ticket is 4.5 € per person one-way.
  • Take a taxi –  A taxi ride lasts about 10-minutes and costs up to 15 € one-way depending on the number of passengers. However, agree on the price first.
  • Take a tram/bus – You can take tram line 1, or bus line 151. You can catch these in Via Cristoforo Colombo, opposite the cruise terminal. A ticket is around 1.2 € per person one-way, and there are two stops at the Naples central station – Corso Garibaldi and Piazza Garibaldi.
  • By walk – It takes 30 minutes to walk to the train station.

Naples in a Day: Top Things to Do in Naples

Naples is a large city and there are plenty of options to choose from if you decide to stay in the city. When I first came to Naples, my first impression was how dirty the area surrounding the port was, but of course, my opinion changed after I got to know the city better. There are so many things to see in Naples, and below is my list of Naples must-see attractions:

  • Castel Nuovo (also known as Maschio Angioino castle) – At the exit of the cruise terminal area, the massive 13th-century military castle dominates the harbor and Piazza Municipio with its Neoclassical Palazzo San Giacomo – the building of a City Hall. The castle has five imposing towers and served as a royal seat for kings of Naples, Aragon, and Spain until 1815. It features an elegant, 15th-century white marble Renaissance triumphal arch, integrated into the gatehouse, and a Palatine chapel, where you can find a great variety of valuable artworks made by notable Renaissance painters and sculptors. Today, Castel Nuovo houses a civic museum containing extensive art collections dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries, while some halls of the castle are used for temporary cultural exhibitions and events.

Castel Nuovo tours & tickets

Castel Nuovo
Castel Nuovo
  • Castel dell Ovo – The majestic seaside castle is located at the southernmost tip of Naples city, on a peninsula (a former island) with an excellent strategic position that dominates the Gulf of Naples. It is situated 1.5 km (0.9 mi) or a 20-minute walk from the Naples cruise port and is well worth visiting, as it is the oldest standing fortification in Naples built by the Normans in the 12th century. It is also known as the Castle of the Egg, named after the legend saying that the Roman poet Virgil planted a magical egg into the castle’s foundations. The castle served as a royal residence, the State Treasury, a prison, and today consists of halls often used for exhibitions and other events. There is no entrance fee, and you can climb to its two towers and an observation deck from where you can take in the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius in the distance.
  • Piazza del Plebiscito – Situated around 800 meters, or a 10-minute walking distance from the Naples cruise port, the 19th century Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the largest and most beautiful squares in Naples. The construction of the square began in the first decade of the 19th century and was commissioned by Joachim Murat, the King of Naples and Napoleon’s brother-in-law.
  • Church of Saint Francis (Basilica San Francesco di Paola) – With its 53-meter high dome and Greek-style columns, a large, monumental Basilica San Francesco di Paola dominates Piazza del Plebiscito. The Basilica was built in the Neo-classical style and is reminiscent of Rome’s Pantheon. Simple, yet impressive, the interior of the church features valuable and beautiful architecture and artwork. The renowned 18th century San Carlo Theater and Opera House (Teatro di San Carlo), as well as the 17th century sumptuously decorated Royal Palace of Naples (Palazzo Reale di Napoli), are other two important buildings that you can see around the square.
Piazza del Plebiscito and Basilica San Francesco di Paola
Piazza del Plebiscito and Basilica San Francesco di Paola
  • Naples National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale) – The museum ranks among Naples’ top attractions and is located 2.2 km (1.3 mi), or a 30-minute walk from the Naples cruise port. It is also easy to reach it by public transport and metro. Housed in the 17th-century palace, the museum features priceless collections of artwork and artifacts from different prehistoric and historic periods, including the art and artifacts recovered from the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 A.D. Bronze statues, frescoes, mosaics (the most important one being Pompeii’s famous Alexander Mosaic dating from 100 BC) and everyday objects found on the buried sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum are kept in the museum. The Archeological museum is also home to ancient artwork dating from the Roman era that includes Farnese Bull, the largest ancient marble sculptural group ever found.

Archeological Museum website

Archeological Museum Tours & Tickets

  • Naples Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Gennaro), or the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, is the main church of Naples completed in the 14th century in honor of Saint Januarius, the patron saint of the city. It is located 2 km (1.2 mi), or a 25-minute walking distance from the Naples cruise port and well worth visiting due to its stunning neo-Gothic façade and the equally impressive interior featuring art-filled chapels, and 4th-century mosaics and relics.

  • Naples Old Town, famous streets, and pizza – Naples is a vibrant city bursting with life, full of colorful, authentic streets where you can find plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, street sellers, and much more. There are several streets you can explore, and they are all within a walking distance from Naples cruise port (you need to be able to walk slightly uphill to reach the central parts of the town).
The side alleys of Napoli
The side alleys of Napoli

The most famous ones are the pedestrian streets Via Toledo and Via Chiaia – they are both located a 15-minute walking distance from the port and they meet at Piazza del Plebiscito and Fontana del Carciofo. They are super crowded and packed with countless shops, restaurants, bars, and pizzerias offering mouth-watering pizzas, panzerotti, pasta, and other Italian authentic dishes.

Fontana del Carciofo
Fontana del Carciofo

When it comes to tasting pizza in Naples – it is an absolute must! The pizza was invented in Naples, and in every place where I tried it – I am telling you, that was the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life! For over one century, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele has had the reputation of making the best pizza in Naples, and that’s where Julia Roberts was featured indulging in a slice of pizza in “Eat, Pray, Love” movie. The pizzeria is only 20 minutes walk away from the port!

Eating delicious Napoli pizza and Italian specialties with friends
Eating delicious Napoli pizza and Italian specialties with friends

Last but not least, another famous street that traverses the Naples historic center is Spaccanapoli – a narrow, straight, and long promenade where you can explore historic churches, palaces, bustling piazzas, unique shops, and a large number of restaurants, bars, and open-air cafes.

  • Galleria Umberto I – Located only a 10-minute walking distance from Naples cruise port, Galleria Umberto I stands next to San Carlo Theater and near Piazza del Plebiscito. It is a cross-shaped, glass-and-iron-covered public shopping gallery built in the 19th century, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Featuring a large glass dome, and the Art-Nouveau architectural style, the gallery is home to numerous cafes and shops, and you can access it for free.
Galleria Umberto I
Galleria Umberto I
  • Galleria Borbonica (Bourbon Gallery or Bourbon Tunnel) is an impressive underground passage built for military purposes to connect the Royal Palace to military barracks in Naples. It is situated 2 km (1.2 mi), or a 25-minute somewhat uphill walk from the Naples cruise port, and represents one of the most unique places you can visit in Naples. Constructed in the 19th century, the stunning underground tunnels served as an escape route for the royal inhabitants, and also as a shelter for Naples residents during the bombardments during World War II.
Old cars from 1970, Bourbon Tunnel
Old cars from 1970, Bourbon Tunnel
Toys that belonged to kids who sheltered in the Bourbon Tunnel during WWII
Toys that belonged to kids who sheltered in the Bourbon Tunnel during WWII
The communication system used during the bombardments in WWII
The communication system used during the bombardments in WWII

Time-permitting, I highly recommend you take one of the Bourbon Tunnel tours, as they are a fascinating way to discover the important and emotional moments in the history of Naples. On the tour, you can visit underground caves, a restored ancient cistern, vintage artifacts dating from WWII, pieces of sculptures, old cars and bikes, and much more. If you are seeking some adrenaline rush, you can go for an adventure or Speleo tours as well. Overall, I was truly impressed by the visit, and I strongly suggest you put it on your Naples bucket list.

Galleria Borbonica website

Galleria Borbonica Tours

Top 6 Day Trips from Naples

1. Pompeii

Pompeii visit is by far the most popular day trip from Naples, due to the huge historical importance of this world-famous archaeological site. Nestled at the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, the ancient city of Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and other neighboring towns, was buried under 4 to 6 meters (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of the powerful Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. When a group of explorers rediscovered the ancient site in the mid-18th century, they were astonished to find out that under the thick carpet of dust, debris, and volcanic ash – the ancient city of Pompeii was largely preserved. The everyday life of this wealthy city was frozen at the moment it was buried, thus the excavated site offered a unique snapshot of Roman life and its inhabitants.

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Pompeii Archeological Site
Pompeii. Source:

Pompeii archeological site has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most visited attractions in Italy. Today, visitors can roam through the elegantly paved streets of ancient Pompeii, admire the ruins of the lavish mansions and villas of distinguished Romans, visit their elaborate bathhouses, a multitude of Roman temples, a massive 20.000-capacity Amphitheatre of Pompeii, and more. You can learn about the tragic destiny of the ancient city and over 2.000 Pompeii residents on a self-guided tour, or on a guided tour which I highly recommend.

Top-Rated Pompeii Tours from Naples

How to Get from Naples to Pompeii?

The distance from Naples cruise port to Pompeii Archeological Park is 25 km (15.5 mi), or a 25-minute driving distance. There are several ways to get from Naples to Pompeii.

  1. BOOK A TOUR – Although it takes a full day to explore Pompeii, cruise ships offer half-day tours to Pompeii from Naples. Trips to Pompeii usually include either only the transfer to Pompeii Archeological Park with an entrance ticket included, or Pompeii guided tour. However, in my experience, I wouldn’t recommend you book a cruise ship shore excursion for several reasons.

Firstly, the Naples cruise port is one of the busiest ones, and thousands of cruise passengers join cruise ship shore excursions. A great deal of them go to Pompeii and guests usually complain about not having enough time on the site, tour guides walking too fast, waiting too much in line to enter, etc. I know all of this because I’ve worked as a Shore excursions staff and I know what complaints my department gets when we dock in Naples. Even if you travel with a group and your tickets are pre-booked, you might encounter waiting because your tour guide needs to collect group tickets, gather the group, distribute the tickets and start the guided tour of Pompeii afterward. Overall, you waste a lot of time as you need to stick with your group, and you don’t get enough free time in Pompeii.

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Therefore, if you want to go to Pompeii, I would strongly recommend you either book a private, customized Pompeii tour, or visit Pompeii on a small group tour.

Pompeii tours from Naples

Pompeii small-group tours

Pompeii private tours

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2. PRIVATE TRANSFER FROM NAPLES TO POMPEII – In case you’ve already booked your entrance tickets to Pompeii, the private transfer is the best, fastest, and most convenient option to get to the ruins. It’s even cheaper than a taxi and guarantees you a safe return to the ship.

Compare the transfer prices from Napoli to Pompeii

3. TRAIN FROM NAPLES TO POMPEIINaples to Pompeii train ride is another efficient and relatively fast way to get to the archeological site. Take the train Naples Circumvesuviana at Napoli Centrale (Naples central train station at Piazza Garibaldi) and get off at Pompei Scavi/Villa Dei Misteri stop. The train ride lasts 30-35 minutes, and trains go every 30 minutes. Once you get off at Pompeii Scavi-Villa Dei Misteri, the entrance to the archeological site is only a 5-minute walking distance. The prices start at 4.10 € one-way, and you can check the train timetables on You can purchase the tickets at the ticket offices at the station, and you can’t reserve the seats in advance.

Note: Circumvesuviana is the railway network that connects Naples and Sorrento and serves the area around Mount Vesuvius. It comprises several stops, including Pompeii and the ruins of Herculaneum. You can catch the Circumvesuviana train at the Naples central station (Piazza Garibaldi). The station is located at the lower level of the Napoli Centrale station. High-speed trains arrive on the ground level. Take the stairs down from the main floor to the underground platforms. Circumvesuviana line is quite busy, and you might not be able to get a seat. There is no luggage disposal area.

Due to the large crowds on the trains, I suggest you save at least one hour for the ride each way. Also, if the weather is hot and sunny, make sure you bring a hat and water, as the largest portion of the Pompeii Archeological Park is not shaded. Keep an eye on your belongings, as there are many pickpockets on the trains in particular. Wear comfortable shoes, as there is a lot of walking involved.

The ruins of Pompeii are wheelchair accessible.

4. TAKE A TAXI FROM NAPLES TO POMPEII – The prices start at 35 € one-way and vary based on the number of passengers. Always agree on the price first. The ride lasts around 25 minutes.

2. Herculaneum Ruins

Located around 15 km (9.3 mi), or less than a 30-minute driving distance from Naples cruise port, Herculaneum is another ancient city in Campania that was destroyed in the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD along with Pompeii and several other neighboring towns. Smaller in size than Pompeii, but equally wealthy, Herculaneum was a popular resort town and seaside destination for many Roman patrician families.

Herculaneum ruins near Naples cruise port
Herculaneum. Source:

Like Pompeii, the excavations of this archeological site started in the mid-18th century, and the city that was buried beneath 16 meters of ash and dust was found almost intact (even more preserved than Pompeii). The interior decoration of Roman mansions and houses, marble statues and artwork, wooden structures, jewelry, fabric, everyday objects, and even food were found well preserved, witnessing the daily life of the Romans captured in a moment of their tragic death.

Today, visitors can stroll through the ruins of Herculaneum and visit the wealthy Roman’s notable houses, sumptuously adorned baths, halls decorated with frescoes and mosaics, splendid arches and columns, spacious atriums… The most popular ruins are Men’s Baths, Hall of the Augustals, Samnite House, House of Relief of Telephus, and Fornici. It takes only 2-3 hours to visit Herculaneum, which is an ideal option for a half-day trip.

Some parts of the Herculaneum ruins are not wheelchair accessible, and it is highly recommended to leave kids’ strollers or pushchairs at the free bag check counter at the entrance.

How to Get to Herculaneum from Naples?

It takes 30 minutes drive to get from Naples to Herculaneum.

  1. BOOK A TOUR – You can visit Herculaneum with a cruise ship shore excursion or on a private, customized tour (always the most convenient option!)/small group tour. The archeological site is not as large as Pompeii, and a Herculaneum tour lasts from 2-3 hours.

Ttop-rated Herculaneum tours from Naples

Herculaneum small-group tours

Private tours of the Herculaneum


Compare the prices of a private transfer from Naples to Herculaneum Banner 3

3. NAPLES TO HERCULANEUM TRAIN – The train ride is an alternative option. Take the Circumvesuviana train at Naples central station (Napoli Centrale – Piazza Garibaldi) and get off at the “Ercolano Scavi” stop near Herculaneum. Circumvesuviana train line runs every 30 minutes between Naples and Sorrento and has several stops, including Pompeii and Herculaneum stops. The train ride from Naples to Herculaneum lasts 15-20 minutes, and a ticket is 2.10 € per person one-way. Check the timetables here.

4. TAKE A TAXI – A taxi ride from Naples to Herculaneum lasts around 15-20 minutes and starts at 17 € per taxi, one-way. The price depends on the number of persons in the vehicle. Always agree on the price first.

3. Mount Vesuvius

Towering over the city of Naples and the ruins of the ancient Pompeii, Herculaneum, and neighboring cities, the mighty Vesuvius dominates the Gulf of Naples and is one of several volcanoes that form the Campanian volcanic arc. Vesuvius has become notoriously world-famous due to the eruption in 79 AD that buried the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, and Stabiae, killing 16.000 people overall.

Mount Vesuvius near Naples cruise port
Mount Vesuvius. Source:

The Vesuvius has erupted over 50 times for thousands of years, and its last eruption lasted from 1913-1944. It is still considered active, and one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Although experts claim that the cataclysmic eruption can happen any time, over 3 million people live within 20 miles of the Vesuvius crater, with 600.000 of them in the danger zone.

Today, it is possible to visit the Vesuvius National Park and explore its trails, the Great Cono crater (Il Gran Cono) situated at 1.000 meters above sea level, and the park’s rich historical and cultural heritage, consisting of the museum, archeological sites, the Roman villas, and historical buildings. If you are into hiking, there is a network of 11 paths of a total length of 54 km (33.5 mi) that you can explore and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Naples, Lazio, and the Campania region. The entrance ticket to the Vesuvius National Park is 10 € per person.

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Hot to Get from Naples to Mount Vesuvius?

The distance between the Naples cruise port and Mount Vesuvius is roughly 20 km (12.4 mi), or a 30-minute driving distance.

  1. BOOK A TOUR – Cruise ships normally offer the Mount Vesuvius hiking tours, but the number of spots available on these tours is quite limited, so make sure you pre-book the tickets to assure your spot.

If you look for a more personalized, convenient, and often cheaper option, you might want to have a look at Mount Vesuvius private tours or small group tours. They are the best way to explore the site at your own pace and get the full story from a local guide.

Compare the prices of the top-rated Mount Vesuvius tours

Mount Vesuvius private tours

Mount Vesuvius small-group tours

Mount Vesuvius + Pompeii/Herculaneum


Compare the transfer prices

3. VISIT VESUVIUS BY TRAIN – Take the Circumvesuviana train for Sorrento or Poggiomarino – via Pompeii at Naples central station (Stazione Centrale – Piazza Garibaldi) and get off at either Ercolano Scavi station (the one where you get off for Herculaneum) or Pompei – Villa Dei Misteri (the one where you get off for Pompeii). From both train stations, you can hop on the local bus going to Vesuvius. The local bus company is EAV, and the buses run quite rarely (every hour or even more). Check the timetables and prices on their official website:

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4. TAKE A TAXI – The taxi ride from Naples cruise port to Mount Vesuvius lasts around 30 minutes and the price starts at 25 € per vehicle one-way, although it can vary based on the number of persons. Agree on the price beforehand.

Note: If you consider booking a rent a car, I advise you not to do it. The traffic in Naples can be crazy and the drive up to the volcano is quite complicated. There is a parking lot at the National Park area, but still, you need to take a shuttle bus or walk at least 30 minutes from the parking to reach the entrance.

The Mount Vesuvius hike is moderate and you should wear comfortable shoes. Bring a hat, water and of course a good camera. The visit to the crater lasts approximately 1.5 hours.  Check the weather because if it rains, you won’t be able to see the crater (it is closed for safety reasons).

4. Sorrento

Located on the opposite side of the Gulf of Naples, about 50 km (31 mi) from the port of Naples, Sorrento is a magnificent cliffside town and a popular tourist resort on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Sorrento near Napoli cruise port
Sorrento. Source:

Sorrento boasts a scenic coastline, gorgeous landscapes, a multitude of colorful houses, and is widely known for its wood-carving traditions, ceramics, marquetry, and lacework shops. You can stroll through its lively Tasso Square (Piazza Tasso), the central square where you’ll find quaint shops, restaurants, and bars serving delicious Italian specialties and local wine. Delight in the views of the picturesque port of Sorrento – Marina Grande, browse the shops of Via san Cesareo – the main shopping hub of the city, visit a beautiful 14th-century Cathedral of Sorrento, or take in the breathtaking views of the bay from Villa Comunale park and gardens.

How to Get from Naples to Sorrento?

The distance from Naples cruise port and Sorrento is 50 km (31 mi), or a 1-hour driving distance.

  1. BOOK A TOUR: Cruise ships and independent tour operators offer a wide variety of shore excursions to Sorrento, which is the best option if you want to have a Sorrento guided tour and hear fascinating stories and legends associated with this beautiful coastal town.

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Sorrento Food Tours – TOP CHOICE!

Compare the prices of top-rated Sorrento tours

Sorrento private, customized tours

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2. TAKE A FERRY FROM NAPLES TO SORRENTO – The fastest and one of the most pleasant ways to reach the town is to take a ferry to Sorrento from Naples cruise port. You’ll avoid the traffic congestions, and you’ll start your day with stunning views of the Gulf of Naples and the dazzling aquamarine waters of its bay. The ferry ride can take between 35 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes, depending on the ferry company. You embark on the ferry at Molo Beverello ferry station, located only a 5-minute walking distance from the cruise ship’s dock. The ferries run every 90 minutes, and the main ferry company that provides the ferry services is Alilauro. You can check rates and the departure times on their website:

Depending on the ferry company, the ticket prices vary from 13 € to 20 € per person one-way, as well as the frequency of the service. You can purchase the tickets at the ticket office at Molo Beverello, or online (I highly recommend you buy them at the ferry station because the ride can sometimes be canceled due to rough weather, etc.).

3. PRIVATE TRANSFER FROM NAPLES TO SORRENTO – This is the most comfortable and the safest option, especially for families with kids and groups of more than 3 people.

Best Transfer Deals from Naples to Sorrento

4. NAPLES TO SORRENTO TRAIN – The train ride is another popular and convenient option. The train from Naples to Sorrento departs from Naples central station – Napoli Stazione Centrale (from Napoli Porta Nolana and Napoli Garibaldi stations), and there are two rail lines going to Sorrento: Circumvesuviana line or Campania Express.

Circumvesuviana train line – This local train line connects Naples to Sorrento and stops in Herculaneum, Pompeii, and several other cities in between. The final stop is Sorrento. The trains run frequently (every 30 minutes), and the ride lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes. The ticket price starts at around 5 € per person one-way, and you can purchase tickets directly at the ticket office at the train station. See the train schedule times here.

Campania Express train line is ideal for tourists as it doesn’t have as many stops as Circumvesuviana and is much more comfortable (guaranteed seats, air-conditioning, luggage storage). The trip to Sorrento lasts about 45 minutes, and the ticket costs 8 € per person, one-way. You can purchase the tickets both online and at the train station. Check the timetables here.

5. TAXI FROM NAPLES TO SORRENTO – The taxi ride lasts around 1 hour, and the prices start at 55 € per vehicle one-way, although they might vary based on the number of persons.

6. BUS FROM NAPLES TO SORRENTO – This is the longest option that I wouldn’t recommend for the cruise passengers. The journey by bus from Naples to Sorrento lasts over 1 hour 30 minutes and departs from Naples Central Station. The ticket prices start at 5 € per person, one-way. There is also a shuttle bus operated by Curreri Viaggi that goes from the Naples International Airport to Sorrento, and it costs 10 € one way.

5. Amalfi Coast

A trip to the marvelous Amalfi Coast is one of the most attractive day trips from Naples. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this scenic stretch of coastline is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Dramatic mountain cliffs, eye-catching, colorful villages, terraced vineyards, secluded pebbled beaches, and bright-yellow lemon groves are the typical landscapes you can admire while you travel through this gorgeous region.

Amalfi Coast - Day Trip from Naples cruise port
Amalfi Coast. Source:

Amalfi Coast consists of a multitude of villages, the most famous one being Amalfi – a tiny, seaside village boasting narrow, cobblestone streets lined with cafes, shops, and typical Italian restaurants, and a beautiful St. Andrew Cathedral (Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea). The cathedral dominates the main village square – Piazza del Duomo, and dates from the 9th century when the original church was built. The Cathedral features a magnificent 18th-century Norman-Arab-Byzantine façade and the splendid Cloister of Paradise that served as a burial ground for the noble Amalfi families back in the Middle Ages. In the village, you’ll also find many authentic shops selling colorful hand-painted ceramics and the region’s signature limoncello liquor.

Besides Amalfi, there are many other places you can visit, such as the picturesque village of Positano, Praiano, Furore, Ravello, the Sirenusas (the Gallos, or Li Galli) archipelago, Fornillo, the Bay of Positano, and much more. It takes more than one day to visit Amalfi Coast, however, if you stay one day in Naples – you should carefully plan an Amalfi Coast day trip from Naples so you can get the most of it.

How to Get from Naples to Amalfi Coast?

The distance from Naples cruise port to Amalfi Coast is about 65 km (40.3 mi), or up to 1 hour 30-minute driving distance.

  1. BOOK A TOUR: To get the most of the Amalfi Coast in a day, the Amalfi Coast tour from Naples is by far the best option for cruise ship passengers. Cruise ships offer various shore excursions to Amalfi Coast that you can choose from, or you can opt for one of the independent tour operators’ tours as these are often more flexible and cheaper.

Top-rated Amalfi Coast tours from Naples

Private, customized tours from Naples to Amalfi Coast

2. PRIVATE TRANSFER FROM NAPLES TO AMALFI COAST – This is definitely one of the fastest and most efficient options.

Check the private transfer best deals

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3. TRAIN FROM NAPLES TO AMALFI COAST – This is another popular option. To get to Amalfi Coast, the best option is to embark on a train at Napoli Centrale (Napoli Piazza Garibaldi station) to Vietri Sul Mare, one of the villages of the Amalfi Coast. The train ride lasts about 1 hour and has one connection stop at Salerno. The ticket prices start at 4.70 € per person, one-way, and you can check the timetables on From Vietri Sul Mare, you can use the local public transport – SITA buses, to get to other villages.

Another option is to take a train directly from Naples to Salerno (a 40-minute ride, departs from Napoli Centrale), and then take the SITA local bus to Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Ravello, and other villages. It takes a 45-minute driving distance to reach Amalfi from Salerno. Check SITA bus schedules on the company’s official website.

Last but not least, you can take the train to Sorrento, and then switch to one of the SITA buses that serve Amalfi Coast villages. This is a better option if you want to visit Positano or Praiano villages, as they are closer to Sorrento than to Salerno (the distance from Sorrento to Positano is 16 km (10 mi), or a 35-minute drive, and from Salerno to Positano is 65 km (40.3 mi), or 1 hour 20 minutes driving distance).

4. BUS FROM NAPLES TO AMALFI COAST – You can catch one of the SITA buses in Naples and go straight to the Amalfi Coast, but this option is the least convenient and the slowest one. There are only several departures daily. Check the timetables here.

5. TAKE A FERRY: From April to October, you can take a train/ferry to Sorrento, and then take a local bus to Amalfi Coast. An alternative option is to take a train or bus to Salerno, and then take a round-trip ferry or hydrofoil ride to Positano, Minori, and Amalfi. The departure point in Salerno is Concordia Square (Piazza Della Concordia), opposite the train station. Check the ferry connections and timetables here:

6. TAXI FROM NAPLES TO AMALFI COAST – The prices start at 75 € per vehicle, one-way, and depend on the number of persons in the vehicle. Agree on the price first.

6. The Island of Capri

Known as “the Island of Dreams”, Capri is one of the most exclusive Italian resorts and a popular day trip from Naples. The tiny island boasts a great number of natural attractions and historic sights, and its main city bears the same name as the island – Capri.

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You can take a boat to the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzura), a magical sea cave boasting the incredible blue and silver colors of water that change based on the sunlight coming into the cavern’s mouth. Faraglioni rocks are another must-see natural treasure of Capri island, situated in the south of the islet. You can stroll through Marina Grande, the vibrant harbor and the main port of Capri, full of shops, restaurants, and bars where you can savor Italian specialties and great local wines.

Faraglioni Rocks - Capri island, day trip from Naples cruise port
Faraglioni Rocks – Capri island. Source:

You can visit the splendid Gardens of Augustus, Marina Piccola – home to the mythical Siren’s rock, where according to the myths the sirens seductively sang to Odysseus, or the 19th century luxurious Villa San Michele – the home of famous Swedish physician Alex Munthe.

In the town of Capri, explore Piazza Umberto I (known as Piazzetta), the bustling central square packed with brand stores, bars, and fancy restaurants, featuring a beautiful clock tower that represents the iconic symbol of the town. There are several churches and historical landmarks nearby, such as the baroque Church of Santo Stefano that dominates the square, or Certosa di San Giacomo (the Charterhouse of St. Giacomo), the 14th-century Carthusian monastery and one of the oldest buildings on the island. If you are into archeological ruins, head over to Villa Jovis, the impressive ruins of a grand Roman palace dating from 27 AD, located on the northeastern coast of Capri.

There are many other attractions on Capri island, and one day is definitely not enough. However, if you want to take a glimpse of this stunning piece of paradise, there is an easy way to get there.

How to Get from Naples to Capri Island?

  1. BOOK A TOUR: The cruise ship shore excursions department normally offers Capri tours, however, these can be quite expensive in comparison with private and independent tours. I suggest you compare the prices and find the best option for you and your family.

Top-Rated Capri Boat Tours

Small-group/Private tours to Capri island

2. NAPLES TO CAPRI FERRY RIDE – The ferry ride varies from 50 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, and there are several companies providing ferry transport. Some of them depart from Molo Beverello and some of them from Calata Porta di Massa (located next to it). The ferry ticket prices start at 14.80 € per person one-way and generally depend on the type of ferry. There are high-speed, regular, and slow ferries, and the frequency depends on the season (from April to October they are more frequent due to the number of tourists). You can check the timetables on the Naples ferry schedule website.

Arrivederci, Napoli!

Campania region boasts so many beautiful places to visit, and you can visit Campania’s main highlights by taking the Mediterranean cruise and visiting the Naples cruise port. I’ve listed only the most popular day trips from Naples, but in reality, there are many more of them. When it comes to visiting this gorgeous Italian region and the Gulf of Naples, I highly recommend taking private guided tours/day trips as it allows you to get an insight into the Italian impressive history and get to know the soul of Italian people.

Until the next visit, Arrivederci Napoli!

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